January 6th, 2010


Welcome to the blog section of my website- fresh off the press.  I’m excited to use this platform to fill in the space around my work with stories of inspiring artists and life experiences that affect the work I do.  I will also be posting various art events that I host, in particular my seasonal Light Sculpture Extravaganzas, so please sign yourself up on my mailing list, stay informed, and keep in touch.

I would like to kick it off with a fellow artisan that has steadily influenced my work since art school, twelve years ago; Chelsie Bush of Burnt Bearing Studio (Richmond, VT).


Chelsie lives and works in Vermont, banging away on his blacksmith power hammers, blowing glass, farming with his family, and making impressive sculpture for his community.  His commitment to a very high level of craft, and his demeanor toward creating have left a permanent impression upon the way that I work and think about working.  It’s a combination of slow and steady, but always steadily working on something.  Every type of project, whether a custom stairway, an unusual lamp, his house, a row of corn, or a kinetic sculpture, is an integral part of his whole body of work.


Through his artwork, Chelsie continually addresses our modern social dilemma- a critical analysis of our culture’s methods and attitudes.  When gazing at his backyard, filled with a lifetime of quality endeavors, I too wonder how we found ourselves so consumed with “smell” phones, television, paid vacations, greed, vanity, war, rush, rush.  Below is a picture of “Unplug the Drug”, a 14 ft long syringe filled with the static fuzz of 8 TVs.  This needle has rolled along at fourth of July parades, art installations, the town bakery, and is now sticking into the fertile soil of his backyard.


The following is a link to some Burnt Bearing Studio projects some done in conjunction with Birdseye Building Co.               metal and glass work

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