7.5' x 6' x 2'

A replica of an old growth cedar stump sculpted in steel, this work represents an actual historical relic of this region.  This piece was created as part of a three work series for an exhibit and Perry Carlson Gallery in Mt Vernon, WA.  The series is titled Relics and explores my region in three distinct aspects: Forest/resource, shoreline/material processing and bay/product export.

Across the saltwater flats of Samish Bay, up the tidal slough and into the evergreen cloak of shoreline forest lie remnants of a pioneer’s day past. Unusual objects become clues into a recent history when resources were abundant and man’s ingenuity made quick work. Now a generation of silt and duff fold over these relics forming a catacomb of what once was; perhaps another clue into the fate of today’s ingenuity as we scrape up what’s left.