Having grown up in Vermont, the Green Mountains inspired me with an appreciation for natural and wild environments.  The perspectives gained from these early experiences fostered the themes that continue to evolve throughout my artwork, themes that explore our innate connection with and impact upon the ecosystems of which we are a part.

In 1997 I enrolled at Alfred University School of Art and Design in Alfred, NY.  There my studies delved into the mediums of cast glass, metalwork, photography, mixed media and kinetic sculpture.  After completing my BFA, I searched for further inspiration and opportunity in the Pacific Northwest.  Drawn to the Northwest’s expansive wilderness, my then more urban lifestyle continued to be influenced by experiences within its mountainous surroundings.  Professionally I continued to exhibit mixed media sculpture and gain educational and work experiences primarily in the areas of kiln-formed glass, metalworking and carpentry.

In 2005 I founded Altility Art Studio, located in Portland, OR.  The studio was created to support the varied processes of my artwork as well as a business designing and fabricating commissioned projects for a wide range of clients.  I continue to enjoy the evolution of my work whether through public art installations, commissioned blacksmithing, glass casting or architectural metal fabrication.

Influenced by my experiences in nature and the city, I am compelled to communicate the correlations I discover between the two; working to portray a fresh perspective and healthier relationship.