August 16th, 2011

Pecha Kucha Night

Altility Art Studio was a part of something very exciting recently; Bellingham’s first Pecha Kucha night.  Pecha Kucha is an alternative slide show event that originated in Tokyo and has since spread to over 400 cities around the world, and is now an awesome part of the Bellingham community.  Headed by Aaron Westgate of FreeFlow Studios, an organizing committee decided on a broad topic and then sourced 10-15 presenters whose work would address the subject in some creative and interesting way.  By rule, each presenter has 20 slide images with 20 seconds per slide for a total 6:40 minute presentation.  It’s intended to be a rapid fire, colorful event that turns a typically dull slide presentation into an exciting party full of  suspense and fresh ideas.  The theme for the first event was “Some Assembly Required: the process of putting things together”.  Staying close to the design-build origins of the event, we had collection of presenters ranging from artists, architects, unusual kayak inventions, tree houses, bike building, industrial design, communal living design, etc..  In hosting the event at my shop, we cleared out the main floor, put new artwork in the gallery, fired up the wood fired pizza oven, and had a keg of local beer.  About 130 people showed up for an evening of networking, celebrating and education on unique ideas and creations happening within the community.  There was a lot of excitement in the air, and we could tell that we hit the right chord and plan to continue the event.  Next month the theme will be “Grow Baby Grow” and will be a collection plant experts presenting on farming, landscaping, food and the condition of our agrarian community.

Check out some great photography and slides from the first event at here on the event’s facebook page.

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