July 18th, 2012


This is a story about an amazing being; our dog Wiley.  Wiley was big, black, and looked like a wolf, but with bright amber eyes he would tell you that he was full of tricks, jokes and compassion.  Wiley understood people well and could easily become your friend in a way unique to animals.  He might prance through your door and spend the day relaxing on the floor, watching carefully as you work as though he know when you were about to make a mistake.  Or sometimes he would move quickly on, investigating the day’s happenings.  Wiley loved the mountains most, where he could run hard through the snow and walk along soft trails, listening with a keen instinct that I admired.  He would tell you about what the wind had carried up from the valley.  With nightfall his body would curl and eyes dim, giant ears remembering the day, and a heart sensitive to every moment of it.

This memorial was painted by Yale Wolf.

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